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Monday, April 09, 2007

Was supposed to blog, uh, 2 days ago.. That was just moments before I lost the battle with temptation and picked up the PS2 controller. So my ambitious plans for finishing up most of my projects over the long weekend went up in smoke, but I found out that my reactions and skills in Samurai Warriors are still more or less there. =P

Driving with the family ain't fun at all. It's got nothing to do with my driving skills, which I think are adequate. It just that it's me at the wheel, and suddenly even my mum, who does know how to drive, thinks she can drive better than I can. Parallel driving is a real challenge when everyone around you is trying to tell you how you should do it.

Grocery shopping with the family, however, can be quite fun. We went to visit the new Giant Giant at Tampines, and weren't very impressed. Considering how much floor space they have, their selection is still rather limited. They still use up one chunk selling electronics, of all things, when Giant Courts is just next door. My bro and I roamed the place, stopping for a long time at the alcohol section, and drooling over the frozen baby scallops at the Japanese food section. But, basically, they are but a poor imitation of Carrefour, and there's really no point going all the way out there to get stuff that can be found at the supermarket beside my house.

I did spend some time doing schoolwork, but that's to the accompaniment of my brother bashing up digital bad guys across the room, and I was typing an average of one word per minute. =S

Sunday was 扫墓 day, when we went to visit my paternal grandma at the columbarium. This year, a lot more people came down than expected -- my grandma's probably pretty happy about that. My extended family is really good at producing sons: my father and his siblings have among them 7 sons and 1 daughter. More, actually, but the family is so big and so complicated that I've lost count. It's so complicated that I have a niece who's 1 year older than me, and when I meet relatives my dad's age I dunno if I should call them uncle or kor kor. =P

Anyway there were 5 of us cousins present that day, and when all of us are of such similar ages it's always inevitable that comparisons are drawn. Especially when one of them is the same age as I am and has the same name, too. The differences are obvious. 3 of them serve in the army (my "twin" is a pilot) and are tanned and big-sized. They talk about cars and career. My bro and I are still studying, and we talk about games and computers. Actually there's nothing much to compare lah, we're on different paths. And the relatives did no more than comment that all the army boys have short spiky hair while the 'scholars' have long hair.

That pretty much sums up the long weekend.. This week's the last week of school and I only have one lecture in 2 hours time. But I've got 2 projects due on Thursday so I'll be pretty busy still.. =(

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