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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scrap my previous comments about adapting well to school, once tutorials start it is a different story altogether. 3 months living at home seems to have softened me, my productivity at night is nearly zero, and when I do do work, it is usually riddled with errors. I gotta get back in the groove ASAP, man..

Seems like some people are suffering from the disgusting problem of being universally disliked. As a 过来人 all I can say is, tough luck. The challenge for the unfortunate is not to be suppressed and cowed by it. After all you can't please everyone.

And while I commiserate with TXP's dilemma, I am simply not up to the job. 15 years of friendship, is exactly why I don't wish to make promises that I cannot fulfill. This year is, academically, going to be a struggle, I can sense it already. Hockey is going to be tough too, because I ain't exactly qualified to be captain, so a lot of my shortcomings I'm gonna make up for using legwork/grunt-work.

But wait, this ain't supposed to be a whining post. Simply put I'm already biting as much as I can chew, hopefully not already more than I can chew, and I cannot take any more and still hope to deliver.

The reason this is a long post is because (a) I haven't been really talking to anyone about the "serious" stuff (b) I'm waiting for my lecture to start and (c) it's been some time since I posted.

For some reason the spooky dreams are back with a vengeance. Probably something I ate.. Thankfully (or not!) the subjects are different this time round, or else I just might wake up screaming. Still, I will heartily welcome a return to placid dreams without familiar faces.

Ok the lecture's starting.. so I'll start paying attention now.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I feel loved. :)
Thank you everyone just for being there. I'm happy enough to see everyone happy and well. Special thanks to those who made a conscious effort to celebrate my birthday with me, I really appreciate everything!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Still enjoying life in hall. Not thinking of the goodbyes that'll have to said next year, not worrying about whether I'll get a place after I come back from exchange. Spending time with my neighbours is fun, supporting the block for Inter-Block Games is fun, training for IBG is fun, suppers are fun, and the guys and gals are all fun people!

School is fine too, it's a bit lonelier this semester but at least I'm slipping comfortably into studying mode.

JQ's flying back to Pittsburgh in less than 12 hours. The time we've spent together seems a little too short, but it'll always feel that way, isn't it? So here's till next year, have a good trip and a good year and enjoy whatever your're doing!

And if I still don't sleep I might not be able to see him off later, so goodnight everyone!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Inaction is always one of the solutions to any dilemma. Only, this solution almost always brings about the worst consequences.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sometimes I leave the radio, or winamp, on when I leave the room. I suppose I just don't want to return to a quiet room..

The difference between family and friends is, with family one can just keep quiet and do one's own stuff, even in the same room. With friends one is always compelled, obligated, to speak, to make noise, to do something together.

But I still like hall. I just miss family.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I don't believe whole-heartedly in fortune telling, but when more than 1 tells me that I will only have 1 girlfriend in my life, I was actually quite happy to hear that. "Good, it means I wouldn't hurt anyone and no one will hurt me."

What naivete.

It seems I've gotten the raw deal, instead; the hurt will still be there, just the same, and with no sweetness to temper it, to enable one to look back and say, "At least there were good times".

That aside, the first day of school was ok, the lecturer is a total noob -- 2nd year in NUS, and 1st time lecturing in NUS. Which means the module is going to be easygoing, while he feels his way around.

I'm just slipping back happily into the routine of checking IVLE 3 times a day, of going to lectures late, of waking up just before breakfast ends (though judging by the crowd and lack of food maybe I have to wake up earlier..) and rushing back in time for dinner with the block. It helps that tutorials only start on the third week.

Block initiation part 1 yesterday was.. horrifying. The freshmen this year are really quite scary. But tonight is our turn to have some fun, though nothing at all like the fun they had yesterday. Hehehe..

Here's keeping my fingers crossed that this year in hall will be as good, if not better, than last year!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

All Shearites should continue to hold their head up high -- we might not have won, but I still think our rag this year was great, as great as last year's was.

The more a person puts into something, the more it hurts when that something doesn't work out. Maybe that's why I'm always hesitant to give my all, for a lot of things. Although it seems that, despite my caution, I still manage to get my fingers burnt once in a while, so I might as well put more in and get more out of it.

This has wide ramifications for a lot of things. Still, it's a question for later, maybe much later. All I want to do now is get some rest, and some peace of mind.

I think I'm gonna enjoy hall a lot this year, maybe even more than last year. Suppers till 5.30 are to be dearly remembered. It's so serendipitous that I happened to be in the right place with the right person at the right time.

Nightly mini-concerts are cool. Especially when I get to sing along. Now I feel like joining SH Geyao also!

And my good stuff arrived! Good, good stuff, but it means I've gotta watch my expenditure for the rest of the year, I've still got my Europe tour in July to save up for.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Aqualung - Gentle

This is not the time to wonder why
Just let the heart and mind
Be still for just some time
This is the time for the rest
Just let it go
You know its for the best

If you're fragile,
and if you're delicate
Take my hand but be gentle with me please
Let the river flow
Washing over me
for a while
But be gentle with me please

This is not the time to compromise
if you're feeling it too
Then you've realised
This is the time for a change
Yes you know it's true
Deep down within you

If you're fragile,
and if you're delicate
Take my hand but be gentle with me please
Let the river flow
Washing over me
for a while
But be gentle with me please

Let the river flow
Washing over me
for a while
But be gentle with me please
But be gentle with me please

If you're fragile,
and if you're delicate
Take my hand but be gentle with me please
Let the river flow
Washing over me
for a while
But be gentle with me please

Let the river flow
Washing over me
for a while
But be gentle with me please
be gentle with me please
be gentle with me please
be gentle with me please

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just time enough for a short post.

I'm in the midst of hall orientation camp now and I've never been more tired! It's been a whole load of fun and laughter and the freshmen are simply SHiok!

Now I'm in a hurry to leave so more after the camp ends.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An innocent post on a blog has caused such controversy and uproar. It is sad enough that a freshman comes into our hall with a negative impression, why make it worse? It saddens me all the more that some Shearites are actually capable of posting such nasty comments on his blog. By doing so we're not giving a good account of ourselves; we're justifying his negative comments about us.

I think both sides have to give the other a chance.

Anyway I've met him and talked to him and he seems pretty ok. I didn't know about the entire incident when I met him, but he was still nice enough to be civil, and he was no more apprehensive than any new freshie. So I'm gonna be looking after him. If anyone is wicked enough to try giving him a hard time..

Yes, I think the world is worth saving.

So I went ahead and pressed the button.

Even though I've spent the past months agonising over this decision, I think I've already convinced myself, long ago, that this was the right thing to do.

Light, at the end of the tunnel.

On hindsight things need not be this way. But I guess all of us are young, and immature, and didn't know how to salvage the situation. Which is actually what I'm trying to do now.

And this shall be the last post on this whole affair. Let me be forgetful.

Is the world worth saving?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Warning klaxons blare as sensors detect an unidentified object approaching the Earth at a fast speed. Gendou's grim visage melts into a grin. His eyes are full of fire and determination as he deliberately takes his finger off the button and rests it on the desk. Project Evangelion shall be launched with far greater fanfare than anticipated.

Gendou Ikari's finger hovers before the button, as he is gripped by a last-mnute pang of anxiety and uncertainty. He had a restless night, tormented by nightmares. What he was about to unleash, could as likely destroy Mankind as save it. Was it the right thing to do? Was it the right time to do it? Maybe, they weren't yet ready to handle the project, not just the EVAs, but also the bigger agenda behind it all, the agenda he has sworn his life to fulfill, for which he has sacrificed so much. The entire control room looks at him expectantly, waiting for him to perform the action that will forever change the history of Mankind.

Damage reports from the Second Impact are still coming in. There has been death and destruction throughout the planet, and Mankind is still reeling from the disaster. In NERV secret headquarters, the prototype EVA-00 is being put through its final tests. Project Evangelion is less than a day away from execution, the project that will save the remnants of Mankind from a catastrophic Third Impact. But, even as the clock ticks down, the question on the lips of many is, "Is this really necessary? Must Project Evangelion be executed?" The jury is still out, and the final pre-launch tasks are being completed. If nothing happens to stop it, Project Evangelion will kick off as planned.

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