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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wow, has it been that long? Apologies everyone!

Been feeling rather lazy lately, well actually I've been sorta cruising along since ORD, and when my brain doesn't run I don't have anything to blog about.

Went to Diana Krall's concert on Wednasday, with KH and his friend, and enjoyed it even though prior to that I've never heard any of Diana Krall's songs. There was even some excitement before the concert when we were suddenly presented with a free ticket, courtesy of a disgruntled person whose companion could not make it. KH made repeated calls to a friend of his who really wanted to catch the concert, but she'd already tied herself up babysitting her sister.

Just finished watching 新楚留香 recently. I'm not a fan of HK dramas but I chanced upon it on a sergeant's table during one of my trips back to camp last month and I just had to borrow it. Almost all the female actors are 倾城美女 like 杨恭如, 林心如, 黎姿, 袁咏仪, 陈德容, 万绮雯 etc! Enough to make anyone's eyes pop out of their sockets. Hehe I wore a bib while watching the show, just in case (haha I'm joking!).

I'm looking for a job! And for a driving tutor. And if anyone has the winning numbers for upcoming lotteries, I wouldn't mind that too. Anyone with lobangs please call or sms me, thanks!

4M class birthday+outing this coming wednesday. Thanks KH for letting us trash your house again! Hope people still in S'pore will turn up. I haven't seen most of you clowns for ages.
Cherie's bdae party on the 24th, sorry I can't make it, I'm attending a course during the weekend, and it's gonna end late Sunday night. If I can I'll drop by and go back with everyone ala Duanli. ;P Anyone wants to share present, hopefully shop with me on Monday? I need more opinions, I can't decide what to get.

Downloaded Enya's complete discography, almost 1GB worth of songs! Working my way slowly through them now. I think it's worth buying, it's very soothing and might be good background music for studying.

On a parting note, I'm skirting the edge of bankruptcy. I've got cash, but after taking into account driving lessons, laptop, clothes, stationery and accessories, I might need to rob a bank sometime soon. So anyone who has $500 and wants to give it away, call me also.

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