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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm back... It was a pleasant 4 days at Pulau Senang. Got itchy sandfly bites all over my arms and legs, that are driving me crazy, but otherwise in good health. Bathed once in camp, and I feel like bathing again. Had a wonderful time catching crabs, breathing the sea breeze, listening to the waves lapping the shore. Being a restricted island, the marine life there is vibrant. No photos, sadly, because I didn't bring my camera. Tomorrow it's back to normal work, sigh.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Today was just like any other eve of a major event: rushed. Rushed through overtime work, rushed out of camp at 7pm, did some rushed shopping, rushed home to have a rushed dinner and a rushed bath, and now I'm rushing this entry before I book in again.

Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Pulau Senang on exercise. I'll be back maybe Sunday night, maybe Monday afternoon, maybe Wednesday. It's supposedly more relaxed being there as "support personnel"/menial labourer. The other guys in my platoon are happily planning bbqs, mahjong games. They've chucked an entire carton of food, along with a television and the customary "Senang" fridge, onto the store 5-tonner along with everything else. As for me, my new GBA and Dean Koontz will keep me company for the ration-collecting boat trips and the hopefully occasional sentry duty. It's a break from normal hectic routine, and I hope I come back physically tired but mentally refreshed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It took one tiring Saturday morning sweep, one long afternoon spent shopping and a lonely bus trip home for me to finally sit myself down and start sorting my head out. So I'm now feeling better, and let's see how long it'll last this time.

I've finally got the GBA from JW today. Thrilled. My Senang trip wouldn't be lonely anymore. Watched The Village, which was a pretty good show. Shyamalan's cameo was hilariously wooden, very amusing to watch. The actors and actresses were wonderful, especially Bryce Dallas Howard.

No photos of fireworks, because I couldn't see much from right outside the stadium. The fireworks were brilliant nonetheless, but not photo-worthy. Another friend captured excellent videos from inside the stadium, I'll see if I can get a link from him (if he posts it up, that is).

Check this Geek Test out. I enjoyed taking it, even laughing out loud on occasion. But I scored a low 26%.. Should I be thankful?!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I seem to have stopped looking into myself, or if I am looking, I don't want to think about it. My posts seem so bland, so stale, so DULL. But I know why I dno't want to look inside myself, it is for the same reason that I don't want to clear my cupboard, or that I don't want to look in my platoon store. Because it is one helluva mess. And I just want to run away and not have to deal with it at all. 'So cowardly', you'll probably think. It's just that I'm not ready yet, I guess. But when will I be? I've no idea. For now I just want to act like a computer-generated peon, do work without question, live life without question. Ignorance brings bliss. Until I cannot stand it anymore, until I cannot bear to hentak kaki (march on the spot) anymore, then I'll explode with energy and try once more to deal with all the mess within and without, tidy everything up and try to get on with life properly. Until then, bear with it, and with my dull, uninspiring, insispid entries. Or go read someone else's blog. Some of my links are excellent.

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