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Sunday, November 28, 2004

I think my flooble chatterbox expired.. no worries, i'll get another one soon. Meanwhile, here's another entry after a lag of what seems like decades.

The problem with making regular updates here is my lack of access to a computer. Ironically it is when I'm furthest away from a computer that I really feel like blogging. Yet the moment I reach home and switch on my computer blogging is the last thing on my mind. It is , tragically, becoming something of a chore. But I'll keep doggedly at it, and the rate of updates can only increase, once I get out of the army in 4 months' time and have more time and freedom and internet access on my hands.

It was an enjoyable little outing with my family today, went out for lunch together at Chinatown, then to the temple, a slight bit of shopping then home. Grabbed 2 music CDs for bargain prices, parallel imports from China. Cost only $12 total, less than the price of 1 CD in HMV!

But that's not what I intend to broach today. In the car I was left feeling thankful that my family can go out peacefully and happily and enjoy a good lunch together, considering all the things that can and sometimes do go wrong. But today everyone put in conscious effort to make sure everything goes right and then not even the weather could dampen our spirits. That's how happiness comes about, I think -- when you put in effort and sees that everyone else puts in effort as well to make things work.

Another example of this was my just-concluded platoon evaluation exercise. It was tiring but nobody complained, and nobody shirked from his duty. And ultimately everyone was happy, working towards a common goal.

And, as an aside (deliberately, although it's the thing that's been weighing my mind for the past few hours), during lunch a person from the depths of my memory walked past my table. Was it her? I've had doubts previously, whether I would recognise her if I ever saw her again, whether I wanted to see her again, whether there've been unknown hits and near misses ala some clichéd movie. It's been 2 years, after all, and I'm horrible at recognising people, as some disgruntled friends know. However, it doesn't matter. At least, I'm telling myself that. I suppose I'll forget about it by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, and that will be for the best. And that's all I'll say about that.

Now, for some personal matters: Edwin Leong! Been finding it hard to catch you online, mainly because I don't log on to MSN much. Tell me, when are you usually online? I'll make an effort to be online next weekend. Damn, I miss going out and chatting about anything and everything and basically enjoying your company.

Next, I'm free! The platoon exercise was the last major thing on my NS calendar before I say adieu to the army. There're tons of people out there I haven't met for the longest time, why don't you guys grab the initiative and ASK ME OUT. Lunch, dinner, coffee or a movie will do. I wouldn't mind going bowling, badminton or soccer either. Urgh, this plea is probably futile considering the small amount of people who know this blog exists.

For once, I feel very positive about my life. Let's see what this next week brings me.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

It's so depressing when everyone is inconvenienced because of a wrong judgement call I made. It's bad enough troubling people for anything, and it's that much worse when it turns out to be for nothing. It's something the word 'sorry' cannot make up for, a gross waste of everything. And the urge is to put the blame on someone, anyone, anything. But the real fault lies with me, with my trying to control and predict events that are totally out of my control. But at least now I know just how far my dad will go for me, and therefore how much I really owe him, for being there these 20 years of my life. Father's day will be observed every year from now on.

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