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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What do hamsters dream of?

Friday, January 25, 2008

My right wrist is giving me problems. It's been acting weird since London, and I guess neglect has made it worse. I finally got down to seeing a sinseh on Monday, and he fixed it. But he warned me that the tendon/vein/whatever is weak and likely to dislocate again if I'm not careful. On Wednesday it really dislocated, when all I did was reach back to place my tissue packet in my back pocket. It got painful to write, because the t/v/w will keep bouncing around when I did. So I went back to the sinseh on Thursday, and I swore he made it painful on purpose. He also made me wear a wrist guard, and told me to take real good care of it because it'll be really bad if it dislocated itself again.

I said all that only because the comic will otherwise be lonely all by itself. Haha.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Being overly analytical today could sour a sweet moment. Even if you're anxious over the lack of clarity, there's no need to fill a magical experience with so many details that the thrill is lost. The choice is yours. The Full Moon in your 12 House of Imagination reminds you that loose ends have their purpose, so don't try to push a situation to its logical conclusion.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I might have been jumping the gun with my comments 2 posts ago. However, to borrow a phrase from Atticus Finch, if you step into my shoes and walk around in them, you'll see what I see: nothing. At best, I am a lost sheep. At worst, I'm barking up the wrong tree. My tarot reading was right, I'm tired of stumbling in the dark. I seek closure, I want answers. At least something to point me North.

All in good time..

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Many times I have thought that I have finally woken up from my dream, only to realise that all I've done is drift from one dream to another. Who's to say this won't be just another of those times?

I know that human relationships are built on trust and openness. I apologise that I couldn't be open with you guys, but some things are best left unknown. I only mean to spare you the agony and dismay that I endured when I got to know of it. Besides, it is not my place to tell you anything; let the people who are really involved say it, if they will. As for the other thing: such affairs are best not spoken about to anyone, so that it won't affect anything or anyone when it comes to naught.

"I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing" -- T. S. Eliot
I have been waiting, I guess, but waiting with hope, despite my best attempts not to hope. But, if it is a good thing, I have lost hope. So now, I guess, I'm just waiting. I'm not still yet because my muscles are still acting from memory, but even that will soon stop.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been back in Singapore for almost a week, actually. It's just that this week has been spent just doing one thing after another: lessons and unpacking and packing and admin and catching up with friends. So I don't have anything to blog about.

Well generally this week has been a good week, and I'm really happy to be back. =)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I should stop running around trying to pull people out of burning houses. Not when I am 泥菩萨过江, myself. Especially especially when said people are content to sit there and watch their house burn down around them.

And I'm really really tired of people who don't see things through. But why do I still always say "it's ok, i'm alright, no worries"? Because it's not really their fault, and because I can't always expect things to turn out as I want them.

Yeah, the general bad mood continues. I guess that's how it'll be at least until I get home.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Semi-traumatic club night with R and C. I know people get picked up at clubs, and I've seen it happen. But it still comes as a shock when someone I know gets picked up, and goes to one corner of the house to snog. It's just.. one moment we were sitting together and she was telling me how she's going to be teaching primary schoolchildren when she graduates, and how she thinks the younger ones are terrible but the older ones are nice to teach. Then we all head up to the dance floor and this guy glides in and starts dancing with her. I headed out for some fresh air and by the time I got back they were all over each other in one corner of the house.

Well eventually she leaves with us and not him, so the poor s.o.b. has no one to warm his bed tonight. Too bad. I'm not sure why I'm disturbed also, because I got to know the girl only that night, a friend of R and C. Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Norah Jones - Thinking About You

Yesterday I saw the sun shinin',
And the leaves were fallin' down softly,
My cold hands needed a warm, warm touch,
And I was thinkin' about you.

Here I am lookin' for signs to lead me,
You hold my hand, but do you really need me?
I guess it's time for me to let you go,
But I'll be thinkin' about you,
I'll be thinkin' about you.

When you sail across the ocean waters,
And you reach the other side safely,
Could you smile a little smile for me?
'cause I'll be thinkin' about you,
I'll be thinkin' about you,
I'll be thinkin' about you,
I'll be thinkin' about you...



在伦敦那段日子,真的活得逍遥自在。时间不是问题。任何其他东西也都不是问题,天要是真的塌了下来,有E来顶。;-) 所以除了驾车的时候之外,手心根本没有流到多少汗。或许当时的我,才给C留下了“潇洒”的印象吧。

Here begins the official post-travel review.

London was great. Fog and rain aside, the city is charming; not beautiful like Stockholm is, but one just grows to like it and its vibrance. Not to mention its healthy cultural scene as well, with the musical buffet around Leicester Square and the street performances at Covent Garden. To top it off, it was smashing to be able to spend time with E, who became tour guide plus butler plus best friend. It was also good to meet up with C, and J and S as well. Honourable mention also goes to E's household, who made me feel so at home that I almost didn't want to go. If I had the money I would have gladly paid that week's rent. =)

Also thanks to E, C, J and S for humouring lonely old me and roaring off together in a rented car on a whirlwind tour of England and Wales. I grumbled about the driving the whole trip, but the company and the travel is worth the driving. I'm still amused that J and S were amused everytime I swore while driving. Then again, I have to ditch my stereotypical idea of girls, acquired from spending 10+2.5 years in monasteries.

Oh, special mention to the Chelsea-Villa match that I watched, that was worth every penny. 8 goals, 3 red cards, 2 penalties.. other people pay the same price for a 0-0 draw.

The first thing I remember about Berlin is the bitter cold. I guess I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so bothered by the cold, but as it was I still had a pretty good time. The advantage of travelling alone is that anything goes, and I can just do whatever I like whenever I like. I'm quite dissatisfied with my stay there, actually, because I did not see enough of what I wanted to see. So it's stays on my list of places to go.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's only been 2 weeks, but I've lost my cycling legs; the trip to and from the grocery store is a lot tougher than it used to be.

And blogging got forgotten, but talking to mum after a long trip is important. =)

Horoscope for today:
Family issues may be a sign that you've been neglecting your responsibilities, yet you might not want to take the time to deliver on your promises. You could have a hard time gauging what you need to do, which makes you even less eager to do anything. Remember that your key planet Mercury is in a tense aspect to energetic Mars today, so even if you get it right, it might not feel so good.
Yeah, I'm not feeling too good today. Post-travel physical and emotional crash, maybe. Been keeping my spirits and energy artificially high for quite a while.

Official post-travel reflections after I come back from grocery shopping.

Norah Jones - Not Too Late
Tell me how you've been,
Tell what you've seen,
Tell me that you'd like to see me too.

'cause my heart is full of no blood,
My cup is full of no love,
Couldn't take another sip even if I wanted.

But it's not too late,
Not too late for love.

My lungs are out of air,
Yours are holding smoke,
And it's been like that for so long.

I've seen people try to change,
And I know it isn't easy,
But nothin' worth the time ever really is.

And it's not too late,
It's not too late for love,
For love,
For love,
For love.

Friday, January 04, 2008

No better way to start the day than to be greeted by 3 lovely dogs at breakfast. A chihuahua, a Shih-tzu, and a half-Boston terrier, 3 lovely ladies who wagged and licked and were more than happy to be petted.

Today was ridiculously cold: It was -4 out there, and wind chill made it -12. I was full decked in sweater, winter jacket, gloves and beanie, yet I was shivering after just 1 hour outside. Walking tour was good, despite the cold, great tour guide who gave a history lesson of Berlin, from its founding till today. They took a picture and it's up here.

Evening was fun too, sitting in the hostel cafe playing drinking games with some other people who're staying here. They're all at the pubs now, which I gave a miss because I've hit my limit. As I explained to them, anything more I drink will just end up in the toilet bowl. I've never been much of a drinking person anyway.

One more day in Berlin, and my plans are, in no order: visit the zoo, visit the Wall exhibits, and, erm, I dunno. =P The Holocaust Memorial, maybe, since I'll be in the area. Then it's back to good ol' Sweden at night, spend a night in the Stockholm bus terminal, then back to Uppsala to pack up and get ready to come home. I'll be really glad to get away from the freeze here.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I shall keep my peace. I am irritated about it, but not enough to say anything about it (considering how it's partly just me being selfish). It'll just get added to the list of Things to Avoid if Possible.

I'm heading off to Berlin tomorrow morning, and not a moment too soon because Windz's household will be hosting another friend tomorrow night. I'm really grateful to Windz's household, and especially to Windz himself, for the hospitality I've been shown for the past week and a half. Room service for breakfast! =D

For the first time in my 4 months in Europe I've been called a f**king ching chiang. By a bloody English drunk who asked for a light that I didn't have to give. Should have tossed him into the river right there, but I was too busy being amused.

Our plan to watch New Year fireworks on Waterloo bridge were dashed when the police decided not to open it to the public this year (everyone found out at 11.30pm, while standing patiently outside the bridge). We went back and caught the latter half of it on the TV and it was amazing. The fireworks were set off from the London Eye, and lasted a really long time. That's a lot of taxpayers' money, lucky I'm not one of them.

I'll be in Berlin alone, and hopefully I'll still have a good time. I don't really like to travel alone. But Berlin sounds like such a nice place that I might enjoy myself anyway =)

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